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About Us

Mr. Alan Koh founded KSP Marketing Private Limited (KSP Marketing) in the 1990s. KSP Marketing is one of Singapore?s leading supplier and retailer for Australia premium chilled pork.

The history of KSP Marketing goes back into the 1930s when Mr. Alan Koh?s father, Mr. Koh Tee Teo, travelled down from his hometown in Fujian, China to earn a living in Singapore. After Mr. Koh Tee Teo came to Singapore, he worked in a pig farm. Working in a pig farm, Mr. Koh Tee Teo was required to rear pigs. This not only started the connection between the Koh family and pork, but eventually started Mr. Koh Tee Teo?s family when he married the daughter of the pig farm?s owner later on.

In 1945, Mr. Koh Tee Teo started his own pig-rearing farm in Yew Tee Village.

Mr. Alan Koh was born in the 1930s, during the World War 2 era. This caused him to become a resilient and hardworking man. At a young age of 13 years old, he left school to help support the family financially. He worked in various industries such as timber mill and construction. Eventually, he returned to his father?s farm and assisted in pigs rearing. During the pig farming days, he had the opportunity to travel to different countries such as United States and Denmark to learn more about pig farming. Australia was also one of those countries that he travelled to which he was introduced to Ausprime Private Limited (back then known as CEFN Pty Ltd), KSP Marketing?s current and sole pork supplier. Back then in 1965, Ausprime was an exporter of breeding pigs to pig farmers in Singapore and Malaysia.

In the 1970s, the government of Singapore announced land redevelopment for housing. This announcement affected the poultry and pig farming industries greatly; lands used for pig farming had to be vacated for the redevelopment. Within 3 years, the pig farming industry in Singapore was completely phased out and Singapore started to import pork from neighbouring countries leading to the end of Koh?s pig farm. Since then, Mr. Alan Koh stopped being a pig farmer and moved on to other businesses in different countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Over the years of travelling and doing business, Mr. Alan Koh had gained vast knowledge and understanding of building a business in various industries.

In 1999, Singapore and neighbouring countries were hit with the Nipah virus which affected pork imports to Singapore. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Alan Koh saw the opportunity to work with Ausprime Pte Ltd for pork to be imported from Australia. Therefore, he contacted Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA Singapore) to propose importation of Australia pork. It took a period of 6 months of communication and working with AVA Singapore to finally receiving the green light and approval to directly import pork from Australia. Finally, Mr. Alan Koh started up KSP Foodstuff Trading to import and distribute Australia premium pork from Ausprime Pte Ltd, to companies in Singapore. Business for KSP Foodstuff Trading escalated so quickly that the company was importing up to 30 containers of pork per week as a wholesaler. As business for KSP Foodstuff Trading was expanding, Mr. Koh continuously seeks to grow the business.

On 1st July 2004, KSP Marketing was established. The company had emerged with its own processing plant for service pork cuts and 5 retail outlets in wet markets around Singapore known as Chuan Choon Pork Suppliers. This was a breakthrough for the company ? expanding KSP Marketing?s product line as well as providing chilled and frozen pork to end consumers as a retailer.

In 2006, KSP Marketing saw the change in the leadership of the company. Mr. Alan Koh handed over the role of managing director to his daughter, Ms. Linda Koh, third generation to this pork supplying business. In the earlier years of Ms. Koh?s leadership, the company focused mainly on bringing the best service to KSP Marketing?s business customers and expanding its product offerings. By 1st January 2007, KSP Marketing had another start up, KSP Food Suppliers Private Limited (KSP Food Suppliers), which mainly offered Halal-certified poultry products. One of the best sellers by KSP Food Suppliers till date is Smoked Duck Breasts (Original, Black Pepper flavours).

Coming from a sales and marketing background, Ms. Koh constantly explored into areas of product innovation to differentiate KSP Marketing from its competitors in the market. With much time and effort spent into research, KSP Marketing launched its first Shabu Shabu platters during the Chinese New Year period in 2011. The company is the first in Singapore to offer such platters that were not just visually appealing, but they also provide customers great convenience ? customers could just purchase one of these platters and enjoy a feast of chilled and frozen meat comprising of pork, Wagyu beef and even Kurobuta pork.

Innovation doesn?t stop at KSP Marketing. Shortly after the introduction of Shabu Shabu platters, KSP Marketing launched its website which offers online sales service in 2012. This was another first for KSP Marketing and in Singapore; to offer chilled and frozen pork online. Customers can enjoy greater convenience by purchasing chilled and frozen meat through the website order system. To maximize customers? convenience, KSP Marketing also introduced home delivery services in the same year. Customers will be able to receive their orders right at their doorsteps, skipping the hassle of self-collection. By this time, KSP Marketing is not just a distributor of chilled and frozen pork, but a company that places customers? interests as the top priority.

On 1st July 2014, KSP Marketing will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary. These 10 years saw through the transitions and innovations that KSP Marketing had gone through to keep the company as relevant and relatable to its customers. From its humble beginnings of pig farming to a recognized Australia premium pork supplier, KSP Marketing strives to share its love for meat to valued customers through maintaining the highest quality and constant innovation.

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