Brand Story

KSP Marketing Pte Ltd

The family started off in the pig farming industry in the 1940s. In 1999, KSP established its presence in Singapore as the exclusive importer and supplier for chilled air-flown pork from leading Australian premium pork brand, Pilton Valley. Since its humble beginnings as a small start-up, back then known as KSP Foodstuff Trading, KSP Marketing Pte Ltd emerged with its own processing plant for all the pork products in year 2004.

Today, KSP Marketing Pte Ltd being a leading meat provider for quality Australian pork, distributes to wet markets islandwide and innovates to bring chilled and/or frozen pork to customers at their doorstep.

With its vast experience in the pork distribution business, KSP Marketing Pte Ltd is now managed by the family’s third generation, who is also actively looking into selling their chilled and/or frozen products online to bring about greater convenience to the public. From a pig farming business back then and changes along the line till 2004 starting this processing house for marketing of pork items and other meat items. Through our story, we hope to share our love for meat with you.

KSP Food Suppliers Pte Ltd

Incorporated in January 2007, KSP Food Suppliers Pte Ltd is another company under the KSP branding.

KSP Food Suppliers Pte Ltd is committed to bringing only the best high quality foods to your kitchens and dining tables. The company takes pride in the fact that food quality is one of the most important factors of consideration in food preparation and home cooking. That is why the ready-made food section we have chosen for you is not only flavorful but easy to prepare on your own in the comfort of your home.

Our main food products are Smoked Duck and processed Chicken products which require only minimal cooking.

Our belly-happy customers include 5-star hotels, fine-dining restaurants, cafe, F&B outlets, distributors and many more.