Jamon Iberico De Bellota Paleta Gran Reserva

$34.90 /100g

  • Jamon Iberico
  • Free range Iberico pigs


We slice these exquisite locally to ensure that you receive the freshest, tastiest Ibérico ham in the world.
Each slice will begin to melt once it reaches room temperature, releasing incredible flavors that speak of the countryside of Spain.
These slices are from the Jamon or back leg of the Iberico pig, which is more prized than the Paleta or front shoulder, because it is cured twice as long and has a fuller, more intense flavor.
Jamon Iberico de Bellota is Spain’s treasure – a ham that speaks of the people, land and animals of this ancient country.
Free range Iberico pigs live a privileged life, wandering the Dehesa oak forests of western Spain.
There they gorge on sweet acorns, which add a rich nutty flavor and antioxidant qualities to the hams.
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