GuruHomeChef Recipe of the tender juicy Waygu Beef.

Let the 300g Wagyu beef slab rest in room temperature with a little sea salt and black pepper sprinkled on its body.
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After 30mins…
Melt 10g of salted butter under small fire in a small stove section.

Put the marinated Wagyu in the pan after all butter has melted.
Switch to big fire and let the beef sit on the pan
Cover with the pan lid to allow a steady circulation of the heat in the pan.

Let it cook for 1 min.

Turn the beef to the other side and repeat same method for another 1 min.

After its done..set aside on a plate …

Garnishing and Saucing:
Use the same frying pan agiain. ** Stir fry some sliced onions with a pinch of butter n sprinkle some black pepper.
Stir fry onions till brown.

**Tips: Use the same fry pan agin to preserve the nice aromatic taste of the Waygu Beef. (Leave no essence behind!)

Before serving… pan fry the beef with big fire on the small stove for 5 secs each side n serve…

Enjoy a beefy Friday Night with your love ones.